Wednesday, July 9, 2008

welcome home eli

Good news first, Eli came home after a year travelling in Australia and New Zealand, the flight arrived at 7 am and we were at the airport to fetch him. This means that I had to miss my Wednesday morning paddle.[The bad news] As I also missed the Tuesday paddle due to a lecture that I had to attend I was beginning to feel that tingly sensation that takes over when your body doesnt get its fix.Not to worry, by 11am we were in the water, Eli and I dashed down to the beach, Kayaks on the roof and in no time at all we were paddling away in the choppy waters. Amazingly he even remembered how to roll, as he demonstrated after a quick review of the technique.And then we played in the surf for about an hour and a half. Its great to have him home again after all this time and hopefully I will be able to infect him with my love of kayaking. So far so good
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