Friday, July 25, 2008

another week on the water

Well I thought that my Olympus mu 790 had met its match and rusted out when it suddenly stopped working one day last week. And when talking to others with the same camera came to the conclusion that this is not really a great waterproof camera.Then I decided that maybe I should just try a new battery and lo and behold when I put in the new one it began to work better than before. What a relief. So I still have a little faith in the old Olympus.Others including the famous Silbs and I think also Derrick are using the Pentax Optio. I wonder which is the better of the 2 and how long do they function for. This is my second one , the first packed in after 2 months and was replaced under guarantee. These small cameras are very convienient, small and handy as compared to the larger camera housings , but the housings are probably a better bet for the long run.
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