Saturday, July 19, 2008

keep your head down

The eskimo roll seems impossible to master at first and then one day it all clicks into place and it becomes an effortless dance. In between there is a lot of practice, frustration and many small successes. There are some people who manage to roll at the first try and then there are the rest of us . Mostly its a period of trial trial and trial, with a lot of help from you friends. One thing that I have noticed is the insistance of keeping your head down right to the end when you come out of the water, there is a tendency to throw your head to the opposite side in the hope that this will carry you over. This is a BIG MISTAKE, in fact the opposite is the case. If you can learn to keep your head down, lock your eyes on the paddle blade and stick your ear to your shoulder until youi are upright you will find the roll becomes effortless, but you need help to see yourself. And so I have tried to show the end of the roll in a series of photos, notice where the head is , and what you are looking at, if you are looking down at the water and your paddle then you are on the right track.
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