Thursday, April 24, 2008

what a great week it was

This week was all holiday,Passover is big stuff in Israel, almost the whole country is on vacation, and everything of importance just has to wait till after the holidays. You cant get anything done so you may as well just sit back and enjoy the time off.If you are a kayaker that means more time on the water, so we went out on Monday , Tues, Wed and on Thursday we had a skills session in the late afternoon which was a huge success. With the hot weather and warm water capsizing is not as traumatic as in the colder months, and so people are a bit more adventurous in finding out their limits.I have also used the time to get a move on with the new kayak and it is starting to look like a fine boat. Just need to finish the cockpit coaming, put on the rim and then a few more bits and pieces and it will be finished. I cant give a date yet, but it will be sooner than later.If you want to you can see the pictures here
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