Saturday, April 5, 2008

fiberglassing the deck

Today was dedicated to fiberglassing the deck. This is a job that benefits from a little help , and Lynn is a good helper. First the glass cloth is laid on the deck and smoothed out, then the epoxy is mixed in small batches and painted on, when it has saturated the cloth the excess needs to be squeegeed off so the cloth lies close to the wood and filled with epoxy, when this is done the weave needs to be filled with a couple more layers of epoxy. Working as a team we managed to do a good job today and finished glassing the deck and putting on the fill layers of epoxy.The next step is to glass the outside of the hull and then its possible to sand and finish the inside of the kayak. And so it goes on , one step at a time. There are about 67 steps in building a kayak, according to Nick Shade of Guillemot Kayaks and now I am at step no.39.
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