Saturday, April 12, 2008

Life goes on regardless

This is the longest that I have not paddled since joining Optimist kayak club about 6 years ago.The last year has seen a huge influx of new kayakers coming to try out the sport , taking lessons and joining the club, so much so that after a 2 month break its like comming back to a new club. There are so many new members, it will take time to get to know everbody again.
Yesterday they had a trip from Habonim beach , about 16Km north of us , back down to Sdot Yam. that part of the coast is characterised by rocky cliffs with small caves that you can get into on a calm day and many small coves and beaches. It is a great place to explore by kayak and I am sorry that I was not there to enjoy the trip.I have hijacked the photos for my blog.
On the other hand I have been busy working on the new kayak, today fiberglassed the hull and next step is to finish the inside. The work is going well and it looks great. I have also been doing some long overdue repairs to my trusty Night Heron. I use the thing very hard and it shows, so now I can take the time to sand down all the scratches, repair major stress areas and give it a new coat of varnish. I would feel bad delivering a shiny new kayak to Hadas and paddling my beat up old thing next to her.
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