Friday, October 4, 2013

another annual trip, from the northern border Rosh Hanikra down to Sdot Yam

Although we have done it before, many times, each trip is unique 
The group is always different, lots of newcomers mixed with diehards who cant resist 3 days on the water

Acco always has a surprise when passing the old city walls

Campfires at night with the luxury of chairs make camping comfy

And this passion fruit liquor helps relieve tired paddling muscles

Looks like my prayers are going to be answered

passing Haifa there are some interesting buildings

A short snooze before a long stretch , call it a power nap

wow, what colours

all the usual suspects

we even tried to use a tarp as a sail, didnt work too well

challenge to get through the gate

second night campsite

thanks to Ginady for the great photos, its always interesting to see the world through someone elses eyes and their pictures  show the way.

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