Wednesday, September 18, 2013

tangled up in rope

The Inuit have about 30 different kinds of rolls to upright their kayaks in the event of a capsize while out hunting  for supper. It may happen that the harpoon line gets tangled around your body and the unfriendly seal just keeps on pulling you around. So over you go, rope round your body , kayak getting dragged along and you have to roll up somehow or you family goes hungry.
Well we dont need to hunt seals now, and we don`t carry harpoons anymore but we do tend to tie all sorts of equipment on our kayak decks, one of them being the pump.
Normally you can paddle for months and nothing will happen but if you like rough water and surfing you could be in for a surprise. We had some good surf a couple of days ago and Yossi went surfing, he got rolled over in a big wave and the rope came loose and got tangled round his neck making his eskimo roll a little more challenging than  usual. Luckily he managed to roll up after drinking a good bit of seawater. Now he is looking to stow his pump behind his seat and not  on the rear deck as before.
Here is a video of the event
The same morning he had his favourite Greenland paddle on the foredeck as a spare, the waves were so strong, they shifted the paddle over the deck and then the force of the water broke the paddle in half.
Heres that video
Thanks to Yossi for the material for todays blog, hope we can all learn something from it.

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