Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So you made a new Greenland paddle go out and use it

Made on Wednesday, in the water on the weekend. New sticks being tried out after the paddle workshop by the proud owners. It does take time to get used to your new GP and a lot of the paddlers dont stick to it and go back to their old Europaddles.

On the other hand there are some of us who feel that the GP is the natural way to go and have abandoned any other paddle. Avital is one of those

And so is Mickey

Eyal is a GP addict and one of our stronger paddlers, here he is helping me with a tandem tow when one of our paddlers needed  help getting back
Dudu is a new paddler and also likes his new GP

Noam is still stuck with his Euro paddle but is looking at the next workshop, maybe he will be  our next convert.
Rosanne hails from Australia and likes her wing and surfski back home

Idit made a new paddle mostly for the fun of the making

Danny is still trying to get rhe roll going
So we are seeing a very slow change to GPs some use them for a while and go back, others change for good. I think its good to be able to use both types of paddle, you dont have to be stuck with one. When I go on long trips I prefer the GP, surfing on the other hand is still easier for me with the Europaddle but its getting a bit easier with the stick. Who knows what the future will bring.

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