Saturday, July 27, 2013

getting it right

This morning I met Amir Taran on the beach, he had his camera set up on a tripod with a large telephoto lens and was taking photos of the action on the beach.  He told me he dows it for fun and does not do anything with the pictures except keep them on his computer

He said he would send me some if I wanted. Of course I said yes and gave him my email , not really exprcting anything. What a great surprise I got when he did send the pictures to me, and really nice ones too. If I was a bit smarter I would have turned around and played in the waves for him ...... lets hope we meet again soon

Thanks to you Amir your pictures are too good not to be seen , we need to find a way to show them.

The sea has been really nice this July with good surf for playing in

Sometimes it gets busy and crowded out at the rock

But its always fun and keeps us smiling

Rough water is also good for rescue training

Heres Izzy and I having a bit of a race for the wave this moning thanks to Vered

The kayak is a Guillemot Play, built in 2005, Im using it while repairing my Petrel, and this just shows that the Petrel is the best kayak for rough water that I have, cant wait for the repair to be finished and get it back in the surf

And then Yoav brought me a bucket of Lychees  straight from his tree.
I must be doing something right

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