Sunday, February 26, 2012

Annual Dead Sea Paddle

Paddling on the  Dead Sea is not a common pastime. The water is unfriendly when it splashes on your face and lips or if it gets in your eyes. Because of the high mineral and salt concentration it feels oily and leaves a film on your skin and when it dries a salty residue remains. This is said to have therapeutic properties and the mud is supposed to be healing.
As the sea shrinks the shores become muddy and like quicksand, if you're not careful you can find yourself  stuck and sinking and about to loose your shoes
Thanks to Zohar for the pictures of me,

Every year the Optimist Kayak Club has a days outing paddling on the Dead Sea, actually its just another excuse to get together for a picnic  and a bit of fun.

The Hebrew name is actually The Salt Sea, if you translate it , this is more accurate than the English because its far from dead.
The salt formations on the shores look like snow and ice from afar and have a wonderful crystalline composition when seen close up.

Its rarely rains down there but we were lucky on Friday to get caught in a shower, the raindrops bouncing on the water were spectacular and everyone reacted with glee and smiles as we were washed  by the fresh rainwater.

Before we headed home we spent some time in the hot spring waters just relaxing and getting the muscles loose for the long ride home

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