Sunday, January 9, 2011

zohars new camera

Saturday morning, rough seas and no one around at 7am so I went for a walk to see the waves. Just as the rainbow appeared so did Zohar.

We watched the colors change and debated wether to go out or not. The wind was pretty strong and we decided not to venture out.

Just as we got back to the club the wind suddenly dropped and we changed our minds and got onto the water as soon as we could

The sea was roiling and boiling with waves coming in all directions so we stayued in the bay and played in the surf for a while

It was not easy to get any photos but I did manage to get a few of Zohar playing

Besides being a great photographer and budding film makes she is becomming a rough water paddler too

Then I went home to work on my Guillemot fast double. Just about finished stripping the hull
Heres Zohars latest video
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