Wednesday, January 5, 2011

in the surf again and what about my cat?

Cold, rain and great waves made for a lot of fun in the surf today.
There must be a better way to make surf videos. Hand holding the camera is not the key, as you need to be in the path of the breaking waves to get the best action shots, fixing the camera to the deck has its limitations too.
I guess having a boat out there with you and a cameraman onboard is the best solution.
Any volunteers?
Now what about my cat?
I have become suspicious about my cat lately. The way she lurks around the house watching everything I  do and then she disappears for hours. After reading the Egyptian and Syrian reports about the Mossad training sharks and now Vultures, I have the sinking feeling that she is working for the Mossad too.
How else to explain her  wierd behaviour, and where does she get to at night?
I bet its to report to her contact in the secret service.
Watch this spot as we discover more and more animals being recruited into the Israeli Secret Service.
And keep your eyes open for suspicious animals.

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