Friday, October 29, 2010

sometimes its flat and sometimes its not

Sometimes our sea is as flat as a pancake, the water is like glass and you can see to the bottom These are days for  meditating, practicing rolls and forward strokes and anything else that you may want to do.

Today was not one of those days

The first of the winter storms was supposed to start last night, seas were predicted at 3m with strong winds. In actual fact the storm didn`t materialize, but the sea was not your mirror like lake.There were nice big juicy waves breaking all over the place. Nothing like order, just wild surf and pounding breakers close to the shore

Out at the rock we were the only surfers

It was like our private playground.

Lucky for me i met Lynn walking on the beach and asked her to take a few photos of me in the surf.

Seeing it was her first time as a sport photographer I think she did ok

It was like playing in a washing machine

And if you were not careful you could easily get thrashed by the dumping surf

Tomorrow we should have more of the same, goodie goodie
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