Saturday, June 27, 2009

the week that was

No symposiums to attend, no functions just your usual run of the mill week with paddling on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday Thats a full week, how lucky we all are to be able to get so much time on the water. We planned a trip from Habonim beach back to Sdot Yam for Friday, but due to the rougher sea conditions we decided to postpone. To take a group of 30 mixed level kayakers out on a 25km trip in questionable conditions seemed like the wrong thing to do , so we changed plans and just played in the surf for the morning. But 4 of us who have our own kayaks decided to make the trip anyway, we left at 7am and paddled the 14 km to Nacholim , had a picnic on the beach and made the return trip. Total journey time about 5.5 hours, calories used up, who knows? Does anyone out there know how many calories you use when kayaking ?

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Silbs said...

Another nice post, Steve...and I've wondered about the calorie thing myself. What ever we burn it apparenly isn't enough :)