Wednesday, June 24, 2009

kayak building, progress report

Here's a progress report for the Petrel. No rush , no stress it just takes its own time. Some days a lot gets done others just a bit. But eventually progress is seen. I have just finished fiber glassing the deck and hull.This is a great stage as the wood really comes alive after it gets the epoxy on it. Now I have a small problem of some air bubbles on the deck where they are right in your face, I will have to sand them out and replace and repair them with new glass and epoxy. An added step but it has to be done.
I am pleased with the progress, from now on it should go a lot faster. I don't like to let the boat stand around too much at this time as the separate parts can distort and this makes joining them together more difficult.
Remember that we are trying to arrange a workshop with Nick Shade for anyone interested in building a strip built kayak, so if you are thinking about it nows the time to make the commitment. Just drop me a line if you are interested.


Silbs said...

Lovely. Greg has finished his second boat. Are you two in touch?

Unknown said...

Very infrequently, I`m sure it came out a beauty.