Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Team patagonia practicing

The sms at 6 am said that there is no paddling today due to the strong winds, BUT the Patagonia team was going to practice. So it was a logical choice to join them.Rain and wind do not deter an optimist and when I arrived at the club I found Avital and Ohad there too. Luckily Avital had not got the message. the rain and wind had blown down a tree in the parking lot, luckily no one was parked there at the time. together with team manager Hadas we all went down to the water and the rest is history as you can see in the video. The lesson of the day was surfing and bracing in the surf. Time will tell how much these practice sessions help the team on their trip to Patagonia, but the learning process is a lot of fun.
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