Saturday, October 11, 2008

the holiday season

Here its the Holiday season, nothing gets done till after the holidays, and it goes on almost a whole month. First its New Year, then its Yom Hakippur, then comes The week of Succot. For us kayaker its means more time on the water, great. The water is still warm and the air temp is nice and comfortable.The sea is variable now, some days its like a lake, and others its a wild stormy place. Guess which days I prefer.
Heres a short video of my friend Rami Gil, taking his new kayakers out to teach them how to handle the surf. There is only one way to get good in the surf, and thats to spend lots of time there. See what you think, there are some close calls, but on the whole its a great day.The video was taken by Hadas Feldman

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