Saturday, August 16, 2008

different strokes for different folks

It often happens when out paddling with a group that someone asks about my Greenland paddle, they find it fascinating that can move at all with the stick and sooner or later they ask if they can try it . I always say of course, and hand it over, knowing quite well that the change form Euro paddle to Greenland paddle is a huge leap, and you cannot paddle well in just a few minutes with the stick.I explain the basics and then tell them that they need patience and practice if they want to get proficient. Mostly the results are negative, which is unfortunate because as you get better with the Greenland paddle you can definitely feel the benefits of the low angle paddling on your shoulders and of course the variety of rolls and braces . I would challenge all to give it a real try, not just for a few minutes , but try it out for a few days, commit yourself to learn something new and a whole world will open up for you.
On another track, to quote Silbs, "off with their heads", is a good rule for rolling, almost everyone, new and old lifts their head when rolling, this causes a lot of missed rolls and when they do manage it takes a lot of energy and effort. Lock your eyes on the front paddle blade is the advice given but this seems to be easier said than done. Who knows what the answer is for this problem?
And now for Yosele and friends who are planning an expedition to Patagonia in November. Sounds like a fantastic trip, wish I could go too.
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