Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Today was launch day, luckily the sea was nice and flat even though there was a moderate easterly wind. With some help getting in [ I have to be careful not to scrape the hull on the shore, so entering and exiting the kayak should be done while afloat], I took the first strokes. At first the stability was a bit wobbly, but once I got used to that it was no problem, it trims well and tracks straight too, only problem was with the backrest. Leaning against the wooden back beam was not comfortable and the small support that I had made did not work, maybe it was not attached to the beam tightly enough or it was too small, but after a while my back was very uncomfortable. This made paddeling a bit difficult. Nevertheless we went out for about an hour and a half and the boat performed very well. It was a very exciting launch with a group of Wednesday paddlers all present to cheer me on. Lynn and Eli came as well to help and witness the great moment. Thank you all for your encouragement and good wishes.

Now I need to finish the deck lines and improve the backrest and then practice. I managed a roll and it felt extremely easy.

I am sure that after a couple of modifications it will be a great kayak, and maybe a name will come to mind too.

More pictures can be seen here


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