Sunday, April 20, 2014

where the sharks live = carcharhinus plumbeus

We now have  new attraction  for kayakers, its a shark safari.
 There is a place where the water is warm and shallow just south of the electric company powerplant, the warm water runoff keeps the seawater pretty warm even in winter and so I guess this is what attracts the sharks

I know that there are lots of divers who can swim around with sharks, I am definitely not one of those brave souls. Even in a kayak there is a level of tension when you look down and see this huge fish lazily gliding just a short distance from your boat. 

It,s also not so easy to get good photos , this one is from Yosi Wolfson who has been visiting them quite frequently.
They belong to the species carcharhinus plumbeus or sandbar shark said to be one of the largest in the world.
Visiting the sharks is not a club activity, in fact its prohibited, only in a private capacity and private kayak do we got out there, all at our own risk and personal responsibility. I guess thats reasonable.

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