Saturday, January 19, 2013

dead sea med sea

Here we go again, The Dead Sea 2013, we do it every year round about this time of the year. The weather is usually pretty nice for winter, warm and dry.
There are a lot of new paddlers in the club and for them the first time is usually a challenge
We had a really windy start to the day, and paddling into the wind with the spray in our faces is a bit daunting. The water is very thick and oily and tastes disgusting  so paddling through the wind waves is a real experience
There were more than 30 kayaks out there 

Shelter in a small cove with interesting chocolate rocks behind us

As always interesting salt formations line the shores

Lunch at a fresh water spring with water bubbling from the bottom. a nice place to rest
Salt crusts on Davids face

Setting out through the waves, not a common sight on the Dead sea

I was also well salted at the end of the day

Meanwhile back at the Med Sea on Saturday the waves were building

Out at the Rock the surfers were having a great time
Nice waves for a morning surf

Kayaks and sups were sharing 

My Petrel is in dry dock getting some repairs so I had to sit this one out today. Better get  done soon 


Adventuretess said...

Happy New Year!
Another great post Steve. Good to see some familiar and new smiling faces on the trip.

Unknown said...

And a Happy new year to You too Tess, you feel like one of us already.

Lee said...

Awesome perspective shots of the waves!

Unknown said...

thanks lee, hope you`re recovering fast