Monday, November 26, 2012

Sea kayak filmed by a quadrotor

Heres a  shot of Guy with his flying video camera, I guess you could call it a non military drone if you like. great for getting that fly`s eye view of your event.

If you look closely at the picture you will notice  Guy on the left with a remote control panel, he is flying his Quadrotor, in the picture on the right in front of David as he paddles to the shore. He has a video camera mounted underneath and is taking a video of David .
He also got some footage of Yoav and I getting some rolls in after our paddle on Wednesday.
Heres the video he took of us, the potential for surfing videos in rough water is astounding, we have to get him to come around nest time the surfs up


nissim said...

beautiful !

a new way to experience our hobby

another great video from koritnica gorge -slovenia -

thank you

hadas said...

wow great little movie and special view from above, i was checking to see if there are any sharks in those clear waters :-)
nooooo,,,,,,,its not the season yet, but getting closer and closer. hopefully we see some sharks this winter :-)

זהר נבון said...

After we have a camera on every pfd in the club, a gopro mount on the helmet or on the kayak (or both), videos taken from underwater and even from a helicopter and a glider. Well- this is really the last new point of view we can have to kayaking. It's a great one!!!

Lee said...