Friday, August 31, 2012

all work and no play

 Guy and Izzy are storming ahead with their surf kayaks, they are both at the stage of joining the deck to the hull as you can see in the following pictures, the rest of us are trundling along at a lesser pace. After working hard for a while Izzy decided to have a 50th birthday party. At first we all admired his kayak as it sat on his worktable, but as the party got into high gear and the alcohol flowed , a decision was made to try it out There was no shortage of helping hands as we got the half finished boat into the pool.When this boat is launched there will be no need for champagne as it and its owner are already fully saturated
Guy sent me this picture, perfection
Izzy showing us his creation
It does float now and will float later too
We all had a go at getting in
As Izzy is a little larger than most, he enlarged the kayak and now tries to get in while afloat. 
 Happy birthday Izzy, we all had a great time and it was an unforgettable party.

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