Wednesday, April 25, 2012

fun in a surfski

Werners new paddle has a reflective surface, perfect for applying makeup on the water

If you paddle with Hadas be prepared for anything

See what I mean

Here were going backwards

its easier than you think

What the hell are they up to , those crazy Optimists

balance is important too


Rozanne Green said...

Looks like I missed a great surfski day at Sdot Yam, I will be back with but my own paddle.

Lee said...

And keeping them from impaling kayaks is important too! Is she all fixed up yet?

I havent tried a ski yet; may be on my list of things to do this year.

Steve Gordon said...

All fixed up and back on the water, thanks, if you cant beat them join them, its a lot of fun and quite different, good for surfing too.

Zohar said...

Hello- nothing about the photographer???
You know...thank you for a great job, was good paddling with you. Stuff like that. You knoe how to do it when you want Steve...
In did was a fun fun morning