Friday, January 27, 2012

close call

The weather report was for stormy conditions, high seas, 4 to 5m, and strong winds. So  even there was no paddling this morning I went down to look at the surf and feel the power of the storm

Soon Hadas and Pupik came strolling up to the clubhouse, and over a cup of coffee I heard all the details of yesterdays close call
Yesterday morning the sea was beginning to turn from calm to stormy, G and R went out first on their Fenn surf skis and Shalom was on his short surf kayak out at the rock. By the time they came back the waves had gotten bigger and the sea was rougher. Just as they were turning to shore G capsized and from then on things went from bad to worse to dangerous.
Mind you this is all second hand  info, but I heard it from 3 sources so its pretty accurate.
After failing to get back on his surf ski and floundering in the now cold water G was beginning to feel pretty wiped out and worried, to say the least. R had not managed to help him and had been capsized by the attempts too. G had not worn a pfd and  by now was feeling helpless. By this time Shalom had seen what was happening and come to help, he separated G from his kayak because of the danger of getting pulled onto the reef , and towed the kayak back to the beach, in the meantime Z and I had arrived and Z gave G a pfd to put on .Z had to jump into the water and help G put on the pfd, in fact the first time he put iit on backwards and then had to jump back into hte water to correct this mistake. He got no help from G all the while. Then he towed G out of the danger zone until  shalom arrived.

 This helped him float and gave a bit of warmth.  they could not help G in the water without danger of more capsizes and so tried to give moral support and encouragement.
By this time Shalom had managed to get a dingy out and with some difficulty in the rough water pulled G into the boat and got him back to shore. G was badly shaken by  the incident , suffered from beginning hypothermia, exhaustion and panic, but after a hot shower managed to feel a bit better. He lost his paddle but his surf ski was saved.
I'm sure that there are a lot of lessons to be learnt from this incident and will leave by saying that the least you should do is wear  your pfd ALL THE TIME , especially in rough water.

The picture above shows Israel demonstrating how to hang on to your surf ski in rough water.
Good if you can do it.
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