Monday, November 14, 2011

what did you learn at kayak school today

I learned to do a Eskimo roll with Helen Wilson

We learned the secrets of the forward stroke with Ben Lawry

And we learned leadership, incident management and rescues with Jeff Allen

There was always someone in the water

We were always getting into and out of trouble

Kayaks had to be repaired on the water

We played in the waters round ancient Ceaserea

Jeff likes to be in the moving water

Zviki being rescued by Jeff

We swam our kayaks onto the rocks

This was a first time for most of us

Don`t scratch your new kayak on those rocks
Everybody who took part in the symposium went home with a deeper understanding of the art of kayaking.
 For some it was the Eskimo roll, others improved their paddling style and stroke and others learned rescues and incident management. It was a fantastic 4 days of total immersion in seakayaking and I loved every minute.
Thanks to Ehud and Avigail, Hadas and Yossele and of course to Jeff, Ben and Helen and everybody who took part. See you again next year.


Silbs said...

I'm green with envy. What a day!!

Zohar said...

Steve- great job as always. I was there and I am feeling green with envy when I watch these pics :-) We wait for this week the whole year and when it's here it's always way beyond expectations!It's just too short...