Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dont be a victim, or why you should come to our symposium next month

Wild water can be a lot of fun

Is this a good way to rescue a friend

Luckily we practice these rescue skills

Contact towing,how to make friends and influence people

Learn how to launch in big surf

And may this never happen to you again
Its easy to become complacent,especially with warm water and clam seas. But even in these benign conditions bad stuff can happen.
If you only go out in flat water and on windless days I guess you dont need much skill,although you will have a pretty restrictive paddling career.
On the other hand if you feel like a challenge and would like to get out on the water rather  than sit on the bench and watch others enjoy themselves, then this is a great oppertunity to hone some of those skills that you will need.
On the agenda:
Eskimo rolling with Helen Wilson, for all those who would like to learn to roll,this is a fantastic chance to learn  from a great teacher. Also for beginners you will learn the correct way and then not have to unlearn all the wrong stuff that you get told along the way.
Ben Laurie will be teaching forward paddling and also surfski paddling
Jeff Allen will be showing how to lead a group and rescues, probably one of the most important lessons you could learn if you want to do more than just paddle flat water. In fact it will make you a better paddler and a better paddling partner. Just think of it, if you go out with a few friends and you have the necessarry skills  to lead, rescue and plan a trip, then you are the most valuable member of the party. In fact this lesson will not only teach you new stuff it will also open  your mind and show you the stuff that you dont even know that you dont know.
Dont miss this great chance to learn from some of the worlds best and have a lot of fun at the same time.
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