Thursday, June 30, 2011

yay for the tipi, but what about the tarp?

Up to now I thought the tarp was a fantastic piece of equipment, and I still do. Here we used it as a roof while camping in Sicily, it kept the light rain out and another one was used as a groundsheet. Its easy to erect and you can use kayaks as anchors instead of pegs

Ali`s tipi was a better solution in wet windy Ireland. It`s a lot bigger and heavier and needs pegs to hold it down and open, but for us in the weather it was fantastic. With a fire going in the center it provided a communal space for all 16 of us, allowed us to prepare meals out of the wind and rain and on one occasion after a difficult paddle and rainstorm was the saviour of the day. If space and conditions permit, thats the way to go for a big group.

The group leaving Inishkea after the first night out.

First we stopped at the old harbour to collect some water a friend had dropped off for us

Some of the old deserted ruins were being restored for summer houses.

Others just left to deteriorate in the weather

Just look at all those sheep

The sea was a bit choppy and the wind fresh

We passed impressive cliffs and caves

Had fun going in and out of the arches

and marvelled at the beauty of it all

There was one beach on Duvillaun Beg, which is owned by an unfriendly millionaire, luckily for us he was out for the day.

So we landed for lunch

Curious heads popped up to see who we were

After lunch some slept

Others just messed about

Avital and I had our 2 piece Greenland paddles

And then we left for the next perfect island

Achill Island was the next stop for the night
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