Friday, August 27, 2010

how to avoid a surfing accident

Thursdays lessons at 5.30 are the most frustrating for me. Fact is I am supposed to be at work till 6, but how is one supposed to concentrate on work when you know that there is a kayak lesson taking place and your whole being wants to be there.
Yesterday I  hung a sign on the door....gone fishing ... and ran to the beach

Lesson of the day was skulling for support, moving your boat sideways with a vertical stroke, hanging draw and rolling.

The only downside to Thursdays late afternoon session is that on Friday morning  my clothing and equipment is still wet.
 The sea was a bit rougher today, good for rescue practice and surfing 

Now you can see how all those skill come together, moving you boat in position for a fast rescue you need to be able to go in all directions, sometimes forwards, backwards and sideways all at the same time.
Practice practice practice.

And then we played in the waves

Surfing is a lot of fun, but you need to take care. A  kayak swept by a wave crashing into you can cause a lot of damage, so the rule is one kayak to a wave, wear a helmet and be aware of whats going on around you. In no time at all you can be heading for a collision.

  If your instincts have been honed you can roll at the last moment to avoid a crash and in fact that is what should have happened in the above picture. If both had rolled before impact it would have been much better, as it was nothing happened this time.
 Lucky optimists.
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