Wednesday, July 28, 2010

piano days

Today we had a new adventure. After going out against the wind and waves coming back home was great fun.  

Surfing all those waves gives you a great feeling of speed and once you master the small problem of keeping your direction  you can really enjoy yourself

After playing in the surf for a while it was  time to head back to the club, and then we found this abandoned old piano on the road. Not being able to resist, Vered put her magic fingers on the keyboard and began to entertain us. 

The owner? came and told us we could have it.
So off we went pushing it up the road to the club. It was a bit of a rough ride and the shaking and vibration was not beneficial, but once we got it  there we put it all together again and had our own little show.

Hadas now has a brand new old piano to play with.
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