Tuesday, March 2, 2010

when was the last time you did something for the first time

Tuesday morning is usually a paddling day but today was different. My partner and I took our entire dental clinic staff on a fun day out.This time I arranged for an action packed day including rapelling down a 25m cliff face. One of our newer paddlers has a company that organises and arranges this kind of activity. Avi runs the adventure company Shvilim and so I hired him for the day and he gave us a wonderful time. None of us had ever tried rapelling before and so it was an entirely new and exciting adventure. I know that a lot of kayakers are outdoors people and many have climbing experience, but for a non climber and one who suffers from a fear of heights I can tell you it was something to overcome this fear and go down the cliff face. It was also a great experience to overcome a fear which many of us had. For me and my staff it was a first timer and felt great. Tomorrow its back to kayaking. Thanks to Avi for giving us a great day and to all my staff who were game to try something completely out of the box for us.
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