Wednesday, January 13, 2010

nothing to do but surf

Ho Hum another surf day. Winter is a great time here, the sea becomes our great playground. Must be global warming keeping the winter temperatures here very comfortable, makes surfing a pleasure.
Today Vered positioned herself just behind the rock in order to get the best possible video shots of us surfing. This takes a certain amount of courage as you are right there in the path of the breaking waves and the speeding kayaks. There are occasions when you have to drop your camera at the last minute and grab your paddle to punch through the wave to prevent yourself being washed away.
Today was a great day, the waves were not too big and came by in well ordered sets.
Most of our kayakers stayed away so it was just Israel and I out there with Hadas. the fewer kayaks ther are the better, less danger of a collision.
How lucky we are to be able to play like this.
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