Friday, December 11, 2009

its expedition time

Seems like everyone is on some kind of expedition these days , challenging the forces of nature, braving the elements, striving for the ultimate experience.
Well the Optimists of Sdot Yam are no different, give us a challenge and were up and ready in the wink of an eye.
Mention of the Mighty Yarkon river, sends shivers down the spine of those in the know. Many have perished in these dangerous waters, some have been rescued and a few have lived to tell the tale.
That makes it an obvious choice for our expedition.
We started at the Beit Daniel boating Center, home of the famous Rami Gill and his band of kayakers, headed upstream past the natural scenery of the park, filled with cyclists, joggers olympic kayakers and rowers going backwards and then entered the concrete jungle of the Ayalon. Paddling along the waters among the skyscrapers of urban Tel Aviv we were careful not to capsise into the dangerous waters, until we reached the point of Seven Mills for a long awaited breakfast. The culinary skills of the Optimists are well known and today was no exception. After a leisurly meal among the swans, geese and pigeons we made our way back to civilisatiion.
Give me the sea anytime.
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