Friday, February 20, 2009

as time goes by

It seems to me that time is speeding up these days, the weekend is here one minute and then its here again. I cant seem to catch the days as they go by so fast Is it something to do with age?
At last the new kayaks arrived at the club, and what a great event it was. They are all in fantastic colours, have great shapes and from the rave reviews of those that have had the privilege of paddling them, seem to be a big hit.
I loved the way they were wrapped in their boxes.

Now they are hanging from the roof for all to see.

On the home front, I have been busy getting the blanks ready for the next Greenland Paddle carving day, scheduled for the 28th of Feb.

Hope the weather helps. I just couldn't keep my hands off one and began to carve . I will not finish it just yet, and can use it as a demo to show the different stages in the process.
I have also began the stripping of the hull of my new Petrel.

I also managed to paddle on Wednesday and go to work for a few days too.
Even if its too rough to go out, its great to visit the club, have a cup of coffee and chatter away about kayaks and life in general.

There is always something interesting going on down at the waters edge.
No wonder time seems to go by so fast.


Silbs said...

Full life you have there. And, yes, it does have something to do with age.

avital said...

Agry with Silbs. Age have his tone... But - you have your way of seeing things, and make them happed.