Friday, November 14, 2008

what, me worry

It`s definitely getting cooler, I can see in all the blogs from abroad, some write about layers of clothing, some show photos of snow and ice. Here too we are feeling the approach of colder weather. Not like real cold yet, in fact today the water temp is 24c which translates to 75F, some would say its warm, but at night it gets much colder, and when the sun gets behind a cloud you can feel a sudden chill in the air.An yet most of our kayakers come for their daily fix dressed in shorts and a tee shirt, or at least a fleece long sleeve shirt, and even if you do a few rolls you dont freeze any important body bits just yet.How lucky we are.

Small shore breakers today gave us a bit of fun.

And then the second run , we spent a few moments under the pier, it`s a bit of a challenge to keep on track between the pylons when the wind and swell play with you.
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