Wednesday, May 7, 2008

independence day 2008

Only 60 years old, that`s not a lot of years for a country, but on the other hand they have been very active years.I guess when you live at the center of the world things look a bit different.Not to get too carried away, it`s hard not to get involved with all thats going on here, Holocaust memorial day, memorial day for all our fallen soldiers and then independence day all one on top of the other. Its amazing to see a whole country stop dead still in the middle of the day and take a moment to reflect on the past. The sirens go off and everything comes to a stop, drivers stop their cars and get out and stand silently, pedestrians stop walking , busses come to a halt and everybody freezes for a moments reflection. What a powerful moment it is.
And then its over and we all go back to our normal activities.
Today the sea was full of waves, on the charts it was about one meter, but out there in a kayak it felt a lot bigger. Thats what we love, nice big waves for surfing, let them come all summer long.
Tomorrow is Independence day, our Kayak club has an informal spontaneous BBQ on the beach, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISRAEL
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