Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Avital`s homemade kayak

It takes a lot of courage and confidence to decide to build a kayak when you have no experience at all.So when Avital decided to go for it I thought FANTASTIC , soon there will be another wooden kayak in the club. Well, soon may have been a bit optimistic, as I know that it takes quite a while to get from thinking about it to launch day, but slowly slowly the day arrives and the Champagne flows. After much deliberation and discussion with all kinds of experts she decided on the "Guillemot S" from
This model should be a good fit for her body size.
When building a Skin On Frame kayak the actual size is determined by the body of the person who is going to paddle. The length is about 3 times her height, the beam is the size of the hips plus a fist or 2, depending on the skill of the kayaker, narrower or wider depending on the type of paddling and stability needed. So actually the kayak is tailor made to fit , and so when Avital chose her kayak she looked at all these details and chose the one that fit her best.
Next came the time to order the plans and get a workshop ready. She is now well on the way, the frame is ready and the woodstripping can begin.
Building your first kayak is an enlightening experience. You learn about woodwork, about working with tools, power and hand tools and most importantly you learn about yourself. The final product is a statement about you, how you see the world, how you deal with difficulties and how far you are prepared to go to follow your dreams.
I think its a wonderful experience and wish you all the best.
See You on the water in your Homemadekayak!!!

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